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Matt Barnes was not too happy when Blac Chyna told him to mind his business and stay out of her custody battle. The former Warriors’ player posted several Instagram Story videos saying women use babies as a paycheck. On a Shade Room post reporting Rob Kardashian was taking legal action to lower the $20,000 child support payments he makes to Blac Chyna, Barnes commented with a fist emoji.

Chyna snapped on Barnes and commented, “mind your own business loser.” Barnes then commented “back to the pole you go,” before posting a series of videos. In the videos, Barnes said he doesn’t know the personal details of their child support battle and he never commented on the situation.

He then went on to say posted the fist emoji because he knows “it doesn’t cost $20,000 to raise a baby.” He also said, these days “women use kids as paychecks” and buy material goods for themselves. “Most of these women out here buy cars, bags, going on vacation with that child support money,” he said.

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