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An Oregon mother is grateful to have her 4-year-old son back after a thi-ef take her car with the child inside but came back to return the boy and scold his mother. Cop responded to Basics Meat Market around 9 a.m. Saturday in Beaverton, Oregon. Crystal Leary told them she had gone into the store to quickly grab a couple of items and left her 4-year-old son in the car with the engine running.

While she was inside, a man got into the car and drove off with the boy inside. Leary says the suspect then drove back to the store and yelled at her, to call the cop because she left her son in the car. He ordered her to get the boy out of the car then drove off again. The boy was not harmed during the ordeal. “As moms, we get really busy, and we think we’re just running in for a second.

This is just a perfect example of letting our guards down and how te-rribly it could have ended,” Leary said. “So, I’m just thankful that he’s OK. It was so stupid, and I’ll never do that again. But it’s that split second decision that could just change everything.”

Cop are looking for the suspect and vehicle. The suspect is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s with dark brown, braided hair. The car is a 2013 silver Honda Pilot with Oregon plates 357GLV.

This is how people reacted to this post:

LIVE NOW - Th-ief is thinking: "I might be a car thief, but I damn sure wouldn't leave my child in the car"

Dodge Morningstar - You could construct an entire course on the differences of Ethics, Morals, and Law just using the details of this story. Fascinating.

Dennis Brown - Yea someone should tell her that human trafficking is at all time high and she better thank God she got a thief with some kind of conscience (still a buster for ste-aling cars though).

Sharon Budz - She left a 4 year old alone in a running car?!!!!! OMG I have 3 kids and NEVER did that no matter how "quick" it was going to be! This bothers me more than the fact that cars keep getting stolen around here!

Vikram Narkar - Even if it is for few seconds, while you get out of the car, ALWAYS carry your kid(s) with you.

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