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J.A. And Lillie Reeves, an amazing black couple in Virginia, celebrated 79 years of a happy marriage the 105 year old man and his 96 year old wife recently won in Virginia's oldest married couple contest the couple's granddaughter by the name of Valerie LeGrand says the family is very thankful for the many years they've enjoyed.

And Lillie Reeves A black pair named A.J. And Lillie Reeves, 105 and 96, from Virginia, shared 79 years of a happy marriage respectively. The pair has also been honored as the 2019 Virginia recipients of the world's longest married couple initiative in the US House of Representatives Congressional record. According to sources A.J. Then Lillie is from Truevine, where they spent all of their married life.

Valerie LeGrand, the talented couple's granddaughter, spoke in an interview where she suggested that her grandparents ' love life had a significant impact on their lives. Her father is very fortunate for the many years they have had them, according to Valerie. The young lady also stated that the family looks forward to recognizing the couple's 80 year union in 2021.

In other headlines, on their 38th anniversary Herman Mashaba sent the feelings to South Africans with his loving letter to his wifey. Johannesburg's former mayor said without Connie he wouldn't be the good man he is today.

I owe you so much. Without your love and support, I would never have been the guy I am today. There are many more years together as we create our plans in South Africa, read part of his message. Briefly took a look at the history of the power couple, and how their relationship has been increasing for nearly four decades.

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