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Lil Uzi Vert says the large pink diamond he had implanted in his forehead got dislodged when he jumped into the crowd at Rolling Loud, but thankfully … fiasco aVERTed. The rapper says he had a $24 MILLION rock embedded as a flashy facial implant, claiming he saved up for years for the pink gemstone and wanted it put in his forehead because he was afraid he'd otherwise lose it.

According to Lil Uzi, the implant wasn't foolproof when he did a stage dive at the Miami hip hop festival … and his fans rip-ped it right out of his forehead. The good news … he didn't suffer any serious facial impairment and has a barbell piercing in its place … and yes, he still has the diamond.

Uzi sent an ominous message about the implant back in February, posting a photo of gore seeping around the diamond and claiming he might depart if it wasn't properly removed.

He actually had it removed this summer, but had it re-implanted for Rolling Loud. Since every celeb is into boxing, our photog complimented Uzi on his boxing skills, which he recently displayed during a training session.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Niko Jay - Indiana Jones snatched it and replaced it with a ring pop. The old switcheroo.

Joe Fratick - The story would have been better if he lost it

Sara McNeil - I recently saw a girl’s sternum piercing get out while zip-lining on vacation in Mexico. Some body parts probably shouldn’t be pierced or implanted.

Derrel Johnson - I'd rip Vision's diamond out if I had a chance to feel like Thanos!

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