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LeBron James has created himself an empire, from Adidas sponsorship to hit TV shows and movies.And it's only a matter of time until a NBA team is the crowning glory of his empire. Maybe not, promises King James It's not something LeBron talks of just on a whim. He's planned it for a long time, like with most stuff in his life. In case you wondered, this is money from ownership. Not only does he have the money he also has the workers, according to The Athletic.

Maybe it's not about it. I'll do that thing, I realize I've got a great team around me that will make me achieve whatever.

I want James has too much confidence in that squad and he knows they can even support him become US President if he really decides to.

When I wanted to run for the U.S. president, I got a team around me that would help me achieve it if I decided to give it my all.But at least that is not what he needs now.

Now he is focused on finishing up his career and becoming a NBA player, which he thinks he's going to be good at.

One aspect I'd be able to relate to said James on both hands. I do realize I've got to run a store.'

I've got to run that franchise to compete not only for a championship but also for the fans, the city and everyone involved.

I'm so ready for LeGM to become LeOwner, but just yet I'm not quite prepared to see him hang his basketball shoes.

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