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She is never afraid of show off her sensational frame. And Lauren Goodger was showcasing her more as she stepped out in gym wear while heading to a meeting in Bexleyheath, Kent, on Tuesday.

It comes after the former TOWIE star, 33, maintained that she hasn't had back implants at any point to enhance her natural physique.

Lauren looked stylish in black and white gym leggings and a form-black dress, layered with a cropped leather jacket and Balenciaga sock trainers.

Despite her relaxed ensemble, Lauren still kept her look glamorous as she wore her brunette tresses in a sleek blown out style with a heavy coat of make-up.

Lauren was seen paying for her parking space at the metre before heading back to her matte back BMW 4x4, carrying her phone and a water bottle.

Her outing comes after she denied that she has had s-urgery, including implants or fat transfer to enhance the look.

Lauren told new! magazine: 'I've always been thick set and I've always had a back. That's the way it is. Feel it if you want! I've not had im-plants.'

She also insisted that she would allow anyone to do a Kim Kardashian-inspired x-ray on her to make sure that it was real.

In 2011 reality TV star Kim had a scan to show critics that she has not had silicone implants in her cheeks after reading stories about her on celebrity blogs.

Denying any type of su-rgery, she said: 'No, I've just Feel free to do any X-rays or scans or whatever you need to do to prove it. Fat transfers don't last.

'You need to keep getting them redone and I'd be forever under the k-nife if that were the case!' Lauren went on to reveal that although.

She had lipo and sculpting three years ago she hasn't had any since and any is down to weight gain or loss.

Lauren has always been about the many enhancements she has undergone since fame following TOWIE's 2010 inauguration.

In 2011, she had a rhinoplasty to fix her nose following an misadvanture. She revealed to Now magazine at the time:

'Peeling back the bandages I was too fearful to look at first, but when I finally saw myself in the mirror I was so relieved - I loved it.'

Three years later, Lauren underwent a chest augmentation, transforming her chest size.

Following a nose job, the Essex beauty fell foul to a love of lip fillers, yet in 2016.

She had her fillers removed and vowed to steer clear of the injections. While more recently.

She revealed she had vaser liposuction to banish her 'lumps and back' as she continues her weight loss journey.

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Quantativepleasing - I find see through trousers offensive, no matter what size or shape. I'm not even angry at the culprits, but rather their peers who don't tell them to change or seem to think it's acceptable to dress like that. I have many styles and I'm scruffy as but when I step into certain vicinities, I dress accordingly out of respect for other people who are there who have also made an effort to be smart.

Lee - I can't keep up. When my wife asks "Does my back look big in this?" ……. I don't know whether to answer yes or no now.

Alicaurus - So let's see the before and after pictures then and let us decide. Actually I couldn't care less but I hate liars.

Anonymous - I see young girls in my town centre with these on and ask myself if they actually know we can see through them.

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