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The pa-ndemic has been the cause of a lot of recent hysteria. People have been losing their minds due to limited resources, and there are those whose internal issues are coming to the forefront. Those who are landlords and building managers have been dealing with many who are unable to pay rent, but unable to lawfully evict them at this time. For this very reason, an Albany man was recently detain for bizarre methods he took in order to get rid of some of his tenants.

Shawn Douglass, 48, is now currently dealing with abduct charges after he was charge of tying up two of his tenants and leaving them in a freezing churchyard. A 21-year-old woman and 32-year-old man were asleep at their Grand View Terrace home between the hours of 1 am and 8am when they were then awakened alle0gedly by Douglass and two other assistants with armer.

The male tenant was be-aten by the assai-lants and both were tied up. Both of their faces were also covered with pillowcases. The pair tell authorities they were taken in what could have been a Dodge Durango, before being taken to a motel. Following this visit, they would then be transported to a churchyard in Ghent, a rural Columbia County town roughly 35 miles from Albany.

Douglass and his sidekicks then left the pair at a snow-covered churchyard. Though left for depart, the woman managed to free herself. She would then run to a nearby place of residence where she was able to seek help. Douglass was then detain shortly after and held on $50,000 bond. However, no other coustdy have been made. “He’s lucky they came out of that alive. They could have froze to lifeloss out there, whatever the case may be,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said. “You have to be tolerant. There is a process. I didn’t invent it, so don’t call down here to the sheriff’s office yelling like everybody has been for the last 12 months.” Douglass is now out on bail. The ban on evictions remains until May 1.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Kennardo Greg James - Not saying it's right, but I get the man's frustration. When tenants don't pay, the mortgage doesn't get paid. So many loopholes in the game opens the door for this though.

Nadja Olivia - I just don't understand how people can't pay rent with all these places hiring, unemployment and government checks being dished out. It's a choice in my opinion. I understand his frustration but I wouldn't go to coustdy behind br-oke folks

FreddieLillie Turner - I can understand his frustration, but that wasn't to smart now he has a chance of losing his property.

Josh Harmon - It’s got to be frustrating to be a landlord and have a mortgage to pay but can’t because tenants aren’t paying. A lot of places are hiring right now. Also they people were getting stimulus and unemployment money. Meanwhile the landlords aren’t getting anything and can’t pay there mortgages. Seems fair right?

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