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Lana Overwhelm With DMs From Celebs After Becoming Single

Lana Rhoades has recently turned single after seprating from YouTuber boyfriend Mike Majlak. And a matter of weeks after the pair have called it quits, there are already people sliding into the American influencer’s DMs. It hasn’t been short of dating offers from famous faces recently – but she’s not willing to settle for anyone just because of their fame and fortune.

On her podcast, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, Lana said: “Now being single again there’s so many people sliding into my DMs. Famous basketball players, famous this and famous that.

“I have to remember when sorting through all these options that I have that even though they have huge houses and are a girl’s dream to marry, if they’re still partying every weekend and just being crazy I’m not going to get back into that just because they’re successful.”

Speaking to a listener who asked how to know which guy to settle down with, the former actress said it’s important not to get caught up on looks either.

Lana added: “It’s hard not to be blinded by someone’s looks and these exterior things.

“You really need to see what makes that person who they are and go off of that.”

If you really want to get the influencer’s attention, you’ll have to make sure there’s some chemistry between you.

When speaking about what she finds attractive last year, Lana said: “The first initial thing that I look for is that natural attraction. “I love that chemistry and being attracted – I need that or it’s just not going to go anywhere.

“You can be the nice guy in the world but if I don’t feel that towards you, I’m not going to care.” Once the attraction is there, Lana likes to be wooed with wit an humour. In a YouTube Q&A, she explained: “The second thing – once you get to know them better – is being able to laugh together.

“Having a similar sense of humour that goes together is super important to me.” Finally, Lana says she discards those who try to use her.

The beauty added: “The last thing that I look for is – are they using me for money or because they think it’s cool to date a star?

“Everyone gets used in relationships. Even before I was famous on social media, I always had guys trying to do that to me because I’m way too nice.

“It’s even worse now because I have even more to offer someone.

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