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Kenya Moore learned an important lesson as a new mom to daughter Brooklyn that certainly has left people talking. The 48-year-old TV personality is promoting a popular app called Peanut, which is supposed to be like the Tinder for new moms. It helps new mothers not only meet fellow new moms around them, but to also help them get advice, share information and just be in the know. Well, Moore needed someone to put her in the know last week about the fact that changing your child’s diaper out in the open, specifically in a restaurant, is not the best idea.

“I’m so emba-rrassed,” she said in a now-expi-red Instastory from Thursday. “So I’m traveling to New York last week with Brooklyn. I go in the restaurant to have a bite to eat before my flight and she has a complete blowout. I put her down on the seat, I change her, and the manager comes later with a plastic bag and says, number one, you’re not supposed to change diapers in a restaurant. Ok, who knew that? And number two, here’s a bag for the dirty diaper, and you can take the fecal matter, basically, out with you. I can’t tell you how embarr-assed I was.”

While it’s probably not a concrete rule, most people get that changing a child’s diaper, particularly after a “blowout,” in an eatery is not only probably not sanitary, but also something that would likely ruin the appetite of everyone else eating in your proximity.

Still, Moore is a new parent, and she may have felt like she wouldn’t be able to manage taking her child to a nearby bathroom in an airport while also having to carry around luggage and having a whole meal to finish that she would have to leave behind. She also put the baby down on a pad, which she clarified later, so she didn’t completely throw caution to the wind, folks.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Belle Ellis - I am thinking Kenya was looking away when the "action" was going on. That little cutie looks so much like her dad! I can kiss her the whole day. Im so happy for Kenya. Stay winning beautiful queen!

Elzy Arnold - Kenya you just take one day , one step at a time girl! My mother always say there's no handbook or manual to tell you how to raise a child.. You have to figure it out along the way.. Uou're doing great you're looking gorgeous Brooklyn is one of the most gorgeous babies of 2018.. And you know your husband is fine girl!! So keep smiling keep shining!!

ebjay1 - I miss Kenya on tv, she needs her own show like Porsha got. Don’t worry Kenya, this ain’t nothing but a thang. You’ll be ok and learning as you go.

Maxi Eli - Ms.V, the comments were not bad, I felt it wAs a fair and balance commentary on her IG page, this will always be an ongoing discussion when it comes to b-feeding/Diaper changing in a public setting. For Kenya it’s not about the coins, this is an honest discussion that all moms can relate to. This app is going to grow so much because moms are always looking for ideas.

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