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Jordy C Responds To Tristan Thompson’s Dance Duet With True By Showing Lavish Vacation She’s On With Her 3-Year-Old Son, Prince

Since serial cheater Tristan Thompson dropped influencer and blogger Jordyn Craig for Khloe Kardashian, she’s been showing us what living your best life really means.Jordy C was pregnant with Prince, Tristan’s first child, when he started shacking with Khloe. Tristan has rarely spoken, acknowledged or even posted photos of his son since then except one that also featured Baby True that Jordy wasn’t too happy about.

Jordy apparently even had some words of advice for Khloe after TT has been caught cheating multiple times on a pregnant Khloe Kardashian.


Despite all this, Jordy back seriously about being a single mom and looking amazing while doing so. Jordy doesn’t share many pictures of her 1 year old son as opposed to the Kardashian clan.

But she does give us a glimpse into the glamorous life she leads as a blogger and fashion designer in lifestyle!

The pictures of the mother and son celebrating life are a joy to watch. Not only do they look happy and having a gala time together the duo is also seen enjoying every moment in the candid pictures.

The pictures that have been posted give a lovely look as the bond between the mother and son can be seen clearly in the posts that have been posted on the social media channel.

Also the solo pictures of the glam doll are a treat for the eyes and can make anyone go drooling with her perfectly maintained body.

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