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Janitor Who Walks Miles To Work Drops To His Knees When Coworkers Raise $7,000 For His New Car – Video

This world is full of good people, in contrast to the general myth that the world is devoid of good people nowadays. There have been several incidences in our lives when we have been reminded of the fact that there are good people who still exist in this big world. It is very heartening to get the feeling that goodness still exists in our world and that we are surrounded by good people who are ready to do some good for us at any hour of need.

We find such people in our office, on the road, in the mall, in the stadium, in our house, in our block, in the college, in the school, where ever we can see. The world is full of them, only you have to have the heart to locate them for yourself.

I am going to tell you a story of one such person who worked very hard. This is the story of Robert who is 60 and works at the local school as a janitor. A janitor is the person who is in charge of the cleanliness of the place where all work and this is a real tough job. And Robert did this job with great efficiency even though he had to walk two miles to get to the school from his home. But he never stopped showing up to his job every single day.

His co workers and the other staff members of the school felt very much for him and they all decided to do something for the old janitor. So they all decided to contribute for the guy and to their utter surprise they managed to contribute a whopping amount of $7000.

This was quite an amount and they all managed to buy a new car for the janitor. The janitor was in tears as the car was presented to him and he had no words to thank the co workers of the school.

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