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Italian Artist’s 20 Illustrations That Honestly Show The Love Life Of A Couple

Passionate, unreal, and ecstatic. Love does a number of unbelievable things to us. Elisabetta Lo Greco conveys her passion for love through her illustrations. The Italian artist charms people and makes butterflies fly in our stomachs with the way she draws the expressions of her couples.

Love is in the small things we do and the big things we believe in. Often collaborating with writers and poets, her pieces of artwork always look so full of passion and emotions. Scroll down for some love in action that’ll tickle your heart!

1. A moment with you.

2. All these paintings, yet, the most beautiful kiss is here.

3. The things we talk about during Christmas.

4. An excuse to keep holding hands.

5. Living under the sun, illuminated by the moon.

6. If only people understood the strength of our love.

7. Something about you makes me love you so much.

8. A mirage of kisses.

9. Keeping you within my eyes’ range.

10. It’s fascinating how an hour with you makes the other twenty-three so much better.

11. I’ll keep chasing until you understand that to love is to be close.

12. This is something great between us that’ll never change nor be forgotten.

13. Take me away with you.

14. Even when doing pointless things, I like doing it with you.

15. I’d go anywhere with you, including the bed, even if by chance.

16. The beauty of falling asleep to meet you in my dreams.

17. The kisses we gave each other.

18. “I wish I was a song.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Marythis sums up literally my whole life excluding having the partner part

AdelleYes! I can’t express how many times I keep falling in love over and over again with him. It’s just so magical.

Erlin vitaIt looks like a compilation of everything. xD Well, we are not married yet but we are very much comfortable with each other that we don’t need to be married to do all those “After Marriage” clips here.

Mary JaneI am very happy with my husband and we always annoyed together

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