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Ireland Baldwin Reveals Raw Paparazzi Pics Of Herself To Show How Lighting Affects Pics

Ireland Baldwin took to social media over the weekend to share two snaps with her followers alongside an important message. In the post, which can be seen via her Instagram account here.

The 24-year-old model shared two photos of herself during two trips to the beach, one taken on Saturday and the other on Sunday. In addition, she urged fans to be more confident when it comes to their personality.

The first snap showed the stunning 24-year-old model, who’s the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, looking happy and healthy as she wore a black dress that was covered in sand with a pair of red pants.

The star stood upright and lifted her right arm up, which made her look extra long as she showed off her multiple tattoos.

The second photo gave fans a look at Ireland a day later as she appeared to run along the sand in a black dress. She bent over slightly, which made her tummy look a little less though she still had a big smile on her face with her long hair tied up into a bun.

In the caption of the photos, she got very with her fans as she told them that “lighting is everything” and suggested that she had received some negative comments after the photos were published online.

“Don’t we have enough going on in the world? how do people still have time to cut others down?” she asked.

Ireland opened up about her obvious confidence as she added that she also had “razorfor days”, doesn’t have a six-pack, and her skin is as “white as snow.” Ireland candidly added, “i don’t give a with a hand emoji.

“Let’s find better hobbies and encourage positivity,” she added. The comments section of the star’s upload was overrun with comments, many of which thanked her for being so open and honest.

“You are perfect both ways,” one person said. “Gurl thank you for posting this,” another wrote with a prayer emoji.

“Thank you for looking like a real human women! God forbid you look otherwise,” a third comment read.

The latest set of snaps came shortly after Ireland caused earlier this month when she slipped into a green dress “pregnancy announcement.”

The snap showed her flawless personality in her dress She encouraged her followers to swipe right to see her “little cutie” in the caption, which turned out to be a sushi burrito.

This is how people reacted to this post:

JaimePreach Girl! In both photosPreach Girl! In both photos you are having fun and looking beautiful

IblamenicolaIrelandbasingerbaldwin agree with all you said. You look amazing and you sound it too!

lindcrawbI don’t see a difference honestly but [email protected] not to give a damn

CapriceleshiaI admire the out of you and you look so beautiful Everyone People It’s called being human.

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