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“if Anything Happens To Me, It Was Him”: Summer Walker Concerned For Her L-ife After Ex, London On Da Track Thr-eatens Singer Over Dating New Man – Video

Singer Summer Walker and Producer London on da Track seem to no longer be on good terms. The R&B power couple has famously had a harmful relationship, frequently come to an end and getting back together over the years. They welcomed their first child together in March but have seemingly called it quits in the time since then. Their recent Instagram fizz seems to point to Summer Walker moving on, and she claims London is not happy about it. Summer Walker and London on da Track have racked up several hi-ts together. He produced the majority of her debut album “Over It,” which dropped in 2019.

She famously recalled their first date where he took her to dinner, bowling, shopping, and a deprive club. She remembered falling over in the club and embarrassing him but admits she had a great time and afterward went back to his place. Their first date foreshadowed just how sporadic and exciting the singer and producer’s relationship would be. A year into dating Summer Walker posted on Instagram that they’d cut. “Somehow I always end up with male chauvinist. I m a alpha female so I guess when I think for myself/make my own decisions it’s taken as disrespect.” At the top of 2021, things seemed better, with the pair welcoming their first child together. Unfortunately, the R&B singer came under flak after fans noticed how skinny the baby’s legs were.

She also posted herself making baby food that seemed to only consist of honey and hemp seeds. She discharge back at fans, calling them “weird.” In a separate post, she said “Also y’all: roasting a baby who’s face you can’t even see,” she wrote. “lol make it make sense. In conclusion mf’s is weird and I will never post my baby so stop asking.” Summer Walker took to her Instagram this week to put her baby daddy on blast. Summer has apparently moved on and has a new man who is helping her raise her baby. The R&B singer claims that London on da Track has been sending direct messages to friends and family serve summons her new man of being bad news.

“London [on da track] calling & dm’ng everyone around me cause he blocked talking bout if you care about Summer get that na aside from her,” she told followers on her unofficial IG account. “So if anything happens to me it was him. Ghetto baby daddy from lower world. I be minding my business & NEVER call him unless it’s about the well being of my child. Smh crazy mf. & ‘that na’ has been raising your child since 2 months cause you ain’t shit & wouldn’t help me. You need to stop terrifying people & tell him thank you, weirdo.” The R&B singer also find fault London On Da Track for giving her a car that was not paid off. He eject back in his own post saying “I really be trynna spare shawty cuz I understand her mental health ain’t where it need to be. But da lying shit gotta stop.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

LorissaYou truly have to believe when a person is telling you this. They’re definitely telling you this for a reason.

Lisa Terrell I knew he’d be mad after she kept talking abt my new my new man girl just be quiet don’t brag too soon smh I hope she’ll be ok

Shawna Danae I’m sorry but she had all of the warning signs before she got pregnant by him. She should have left him along time ago now she’s got a child with him. Hopefully nothing happens to her.

Bobbie FennellSummer baby you chose to ignore the writing on the wall about this man you thought you were special and he now you see that you’re just a baby mamma but the difference is you don’t need him they do don’t entertain this mess

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