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A birthday, whether it is for a kid, teen, adult, or the old, is a time for celebration. It always leads to parties with loved ones at home or outside and has cakes, meals, drinks, and singing/dancing. Like education, business, and work, the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the way our celebration. The full or partial lockdown has forced people not to go out and to invite many known people at home for any celebration. We have to follow social distancing whatever we do.

Social distancing is a significant barrier in the way of our birthday celebration or in organizing any event. It doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your birthday. There are still many ways that can help you enjoy your special day with all your loved ones. Here are some of them for you:

Value Self-care

The ongoing time is critical for everyone. You need to take the utmost care of yourself to stay safe and healthy. For your self-care, you can take a long walk alone in your neighborhood. Further, you can join a free YouTube Yoga class and a steamy bubble bath that has a holiday playing in the background.

Send A Virtual Invitation To Your Loved Ones

In the ongoing situation in the US or across the world, calling your loved ones to your home or asking them to be with you outside for your birthday celebration is risky. However, there is still a way to invite your close ones for the celebration of your birthday. You can send them virtual invitations. And for this, you can create a group on Skype/Google Meet and a link on Zoom. You can use a virtual platform (Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, or Google Meet) to be with your loved ones while celebrating your birthday.

Choose Home As Your Birthday Party Destination

Due to the full/partial lockdown and the strict restrictions, you can’t go out to celebrate your birthday. So, make your home as your birthday party destination. Decorate your home with the available items.

Create A Home Bar

Without meals and drinks, no celebration is complete. As you can’t go out, so shop the requisite foods and drinks online and get them at your home a little earlier. After that, you can personalize your wine or beer bottles. And for this, stick a customized label on wine bottle. Ensure that all that you arrange should be in the range of a webcam so that you can easily use Google Meeting, Zoom, Skype, or any other virtual platform for your birthday celebration.

Take A Virtual Art Tour

In the ongoing pandemic, most of the things have gone online. If you love visiting an art gallery or museum and want to do it on your birthday, you can do it with a virtual art tour. By getting access to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) or such another, you can enjoy the virtual tour of a museum and live stream films with your loved ones.

Sing And Dance, Virtually

In a birthday party, the celebration starts with the cutting of a birthday cake. Take the cake in front of the camera to cut it before your loved ones. As they start singing birthday rhymes, be with them. Further, you can play or ask loved ones to play their favorite music. Be in front of your webcam and dance on the music with your close ones.

Dine Together (Virtually)

Foods have a special place in any celebration. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you can’t dine with all your friends or loved ones together. But, virtual dining is possible with the use of a virtual platform such as Skype or Zoom. Request all your close ones to cook the foods you enjoy together. The preparation should be done before the scheduled celebration time. You can dine with your close ones by being in front of your selected virtual platform.

Watch Movies Together

You can enjoy watching your favorite movies with your loved ones. Whether you opt for a home screening website or Netflix/Amazon Prime Video, discuss with your loved ones what to watch on your birthday and share the screen with them through a virtual platform. You would have a feeling of being with your close ones on your special day.


The ongoing pandemic is the worst time of the 21st century. Due to social distancing, it has left a great impact on our social and family function. Some functions like a wedding can be put on hold, but some such as a birthday celebration can’t be. By using your creativity and virtual platform, you can celebrate your birthday as you did earlier. There is only one thing that your celebration will be virtual. You will feel a difference and excitement in celebrating your birthday virtually.

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