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High School Twins From Louisiana Earn $1.3 Million Each in Academic Scholarships – Video

Twin brothers, Brin and Nial Wilson are mirroring one another in more than just looks. The two seniors have each earned over $1.3 million in academic scholarships. According to KSLA, Brin’s scholarships total $1,335,788 while Nial’s number thus far is close to $1.4 million at $1,393,012. They also hold acceptance letters from numerous colleges including Morehouse College, St. John’s University, Loyola University and Louisiana Tech University.

In addition to the scholarships that are based solely on their academic achievements, the two have also received athletic scholarships to play football. The brothers have excelled on the field just as much as they’ve succeeded in the classroom. They were honored as Top 2019 Prospect by Louisiana Football Magazine & TV, Offense-Defense All-American Bowl selections in Daytona Florida and Blue-Grey All-American Bowl Selections in Houston, Texas.

While it is unclear which university they’ll choose, figuring out how to fund it is one thing the dynamic duo won’t have to worry about. Congratulations Brin, Nial and to the village who helped you get here!

This is how people reacted to this post:

Shirley WilliamsCongratulations!!! Hard work definitely pays off. Continued success to both of you. God Bless.

Beverly Haynes MarshallCongratulations to both. I know there were wonderful parents, grandparents who encouraged them! Blessings.

Dianne HeartYou two are an inspiration for all young people! You will make a good life for yourselves! Congratulations!

Sharon Engelyou two should be so proud of yourselves. I know i am and know you will be showing everyone else what hard work and perserverance leads to in life. success.

Linda WeltonCongratulations succeed and prosper in all that you both set your minds and hands to do. Stay blessed and safe always. I am proud of you both. May Jesus, continually bless you both at all times and everywhere. Favor with whomever you come in contact with and wherever you go. Give Jesus, all the Glory. Amen.

Chris Roh HabibThe amount of time and the dedication they put towards this accomplishment will move them forward to further success. They also had parents who supported and urged this success. Congratulations to the students and parents.

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