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When Michelle Obama takes a moment out of her busy schedule to give you a letter of love and help, you tend to believe that something special might have happened. That's exactly the tale of little Ariyonna Cotton and Shabria, a rapper who goes with LilWaveDaddy, whose viral video this past week swept the country. And the ladies did something remarkable as they started a conversation on the value of showing Black kids how amazing they are regardless of the very true and devastating trauma Ariyonna has received.

Our video reached millions across the nation like actors, and even our beloved FLOTUS, who reposted it on her Instagram account, followed by a loving greeting for Ariyonna. ESSENCE sat down this week with the enthusiastic 4-year-old, her mother Ashanti Cotton, and LilWaveDaddy, who couldn't have dreamed that performing anything that comes to her so easily would have drawn the nation's attention.

When we saw the video and its reaction, we got to know what Ariyonna's mother thought and we explained a few small details. LilWaveDaddy isn't a hairstylist but she enjoys beauty spots. She is Ariyonna's closest stepfather mate, and is a major part of the life of the young child. She is a rapper who went viral twice before on TikTok. It was the first time she has gone viral as Shabria, with all her true auntie. He said, That humbled me. Presumably, the reverted to her dark core where it was like' dang that was me. I was the little kid, once.

I thought it was fantastic. Ashanti Cotton said she was as saddened and heartbroken as anyone else to see her little girl talking to herself as hideous when she showered her children with too much affection. A soft-speaking mother whose child is suddenly in the spotlight, she figures out how to handle all this fresh publicity, but she is thankful for it. I've been split because I've had two other boys and their sister likes them, she added.

When [the video] went viral I didn't foresee a lot of affection. We didn't think people were really viewing this video like that. And now, singing with a fresh message of  Black and Sexy,Ariyonna is inspiring little girls and women to lead with love all over. We're all about shifting the paradigm that encompasses Black women's sexuality, because that's just what little Ariyonna is doing at only 4 years old.

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