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Get Fit With Green Tea

For ages green tea has been used in Asian countries and is known for its health benefits. Green tea contains catechins polyphenolic compounds that help to prevent various ailments like cardiovascular diseases, helps to lower cholesterol and builds immunity. It also helps to rejuvenate skin and improves digestion. In addition to this green tea helps to lose weight. Weight loss is common goal that everyone aims to achieve. Often fitness and diet experts advise to drink green tea to lose weight. Scroll over as we explore how green proves to beneficial for weight loss and how you must consume to get desired results :

1. Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea contains antioxidant called catechins that boosts up metabolism and burns fat. It breaks down the fats cells, removes toxins from your system, improves your digestion and stimulates weight loss. Green tea is diuretic in nature and it thus eliminates excess fluids from your body. Preferably green tea should be consumed without milk and sugar. This is another reason that green tea helps to lose weight as it has very less calories. Green also helps to lower blood sugar which reduces appetite and hence promotes weight loss.

2. How To Consume Green Tea For Losing

In order to lose weight with green tea you must consume green tea 3 to 5 times a day. You should have green tea in plain form. Make sure you consume green with no sugar and no sugar alternatives and no sweeteners. To enhance the flavour of green tea you can add 1 tsp of lemon juice and 2 to 3 drops of honey. You can also add cinnamon to add flavour to green tea. Cinnamon works great as flavouring agent and boosts up weight loss process too. In addition to this avoid drinking regular tea and coffee to boost up the weight loss process.

3. Do’s And Don’ts With Green Tea

You must also make sure that if you want to lose weight you must follow basic weight loss rules

  • Avoid processed foods
  • no alcohol, quit smoking
  • no aerated sugary drinks
  • Avoid fast foods like burgers, pizzas or wafer chips.
  • Get right amount of sleep
  • And get your body moving with some sort of exercise regime or simply go for walks.
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