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Future Says His Reported Baby Mama Nicknamed Their Child ‘Check Baby,’ Treats Her Like An ATM

Future suggests his suspected baby mom uses their kid for money to sell him.He claims she gave the nickname “check boy” to their little girl too. The singer says Eliza Seraphin applied by that word to the 9 month old little girl according to legal docs acquired by TMZ. Future lawyers define the term as slang terminology describing a child conceived solely for the purpose of extorting money from a child’s father in the child support setting. Translation: Eliza was knocked up by Future’s claim just to get money out of him.

TBH, it’s a point he’s made previously, but now even Eliza cop lice object to it In the docs, the rapper claims one of her friends reported that Eliza had gone so far as to investigate the amount of child support Future paid to his other baby momsjust to see what she could get out of him.

He says the kid needs only about $450 a montha number he’s filed in court based on a financial affidavit from Eliza, detailing her monthly expenses. Anything that is above is a money grab, in the possession of Future. To this day, the paternity of Eliza’s kid is never asserted by Future. He has even been ordered to drop the rules against him by a Broward County judge.

Ok, given he’s a musician and this is not his first time at the rodeo  before he knocked her up he should have acknowledged the chance.

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