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There is a famous quote in the continent of Africa that if you want to go fast, you go alone and if you want to go far then go together. And this quote proved to be right in the lives of five friends. It so happened that five of these friends decided to save $50 per week for the next two years. 1 of the friends told the other four that they could save.

And invest in some thing or as the case is, the time will pass all by itself and they will keep standing and watch it pass. The investment for the future was worth the thought for the group. Each one of them saved $200 a month for the first year 2019, and they bought their first property.

1 of the friends, Hanningan said that they wanted to care and as a result they let out the property for rent. The friends have managed to start a property management company and are planning to invest in more properties in the state.

He believes that trust is the foundation for others to trying to replicate their plan. It is all about finding ouit the people whom you have trust in and the idea is to never give up. You should stop talking about dumb stuff and start thinking big.

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They are planning to acquire more properties in the near future. He further said that his friends initially were not showing interest in the investment but when he opened a daycare, they all showed interest in the entrepreneurship mindset.

This is the story of how the five friends started from scratch at just a meager $50 a week and turned out to build in to a multi dollar entrepreneurship company. This is the way how big business deals are done and how business houses are established.

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