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There have been many inspiring stories in our lives that inspire us to do something big and move forward in our lives to make it a success. There have been stories of how a guy has risen from the rags to riches. One gets a lot of inspirational thoughts when one comes across such inspirational stories and watches how men can achieve the invincible. This is a similar story with a very inspirational massage.

There was a guy somewhere in the country who was doing the job of a cleaner on the air plane of an air lines. He was a very intelligent person and always wanted to do some thing big in his life. He used to study books of knowledge in his spare time. He also took to air craft pilot training course during his spare time. And like this he spent off 24 years of his life working as a cleaner and side by side trained as a pilot.

His hard work one day paid off as he clear his pilot training exam and was made a full fledged pilot on his own. It was a day of great pride when he donned the uniform of a pilot and took off on his maiden flight. He was congratulated by all his colleagues and co workers on his achievement. it is such an inspirational story.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Sally Gentry - I know this to be true. My daddy and cousins were country poor kids from Alabama, Yet they never stopped believing they would make it. After over a decade+ They are known as the group Alabama. Teddy is my daddy and Randy is my 2nd cousin and Jeff my 5th. I am blessed to be a songwriter. God Bless the dreamers

Lawal Suraj - Great. Ambition fulfilled. May the Almighty Allah continue to guide Captain Abubakar to greater height? Amen

Rita Peters - Wow! This is quite inspirational, you can be anything if you put your mind to it.

Adeniyi Adedoyin - When God says Yes no mortal or immortal can say No. Only God can change one's situation with prayers, hardworking and faith. Glory be to God.

Olori Awonuga Titilayo Mary - A true definition of every disappointment is a blessing in disguise

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