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Unwanted belly belly fat is something that bothers a lot of people. Belly fat is basically the stubborn fat that gets stored around your waist. This accumulation accelerates as you age. Mainly because with age your body tends to lose it’s muscle and gain fat. Excessing belly fat leaves a negative impact on your overall health. Moreover it can cause serious health issues such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, high cholesterol & various heart diseases. So melting your belly fat is important for maintaining your overall health. 

In order to cut down belly fat fastly, the first and foremost thing you need to do is limit your calorie intake. You must keep a constant check on what you consume everyday and do workouts that get you a flat belly. There are many exercises that target your abdominal muscles but not all of them work equally well. In this article we have compiled the most effective belly fat burning exercise before we move further make sure you get yourself premium quality workout clothes it helps with motivation and get the best of your workout. 

1) Crunches

Crunches are the most effective workout when it narrows to burning stomach fat. This exercise ranks at the top while we talk about exercises that burn fat. Start performing this exercise by lying down flat with both of the knees bent & your feet planted firmly on the floor. After that lift both of your hands & place them at the back of your head. If that feels too challenging you can put them crossed over your chest. While you do this make sure you keep your breathing under check. This workout also helps in building the abdominals beside melting fat.

2) Walking

Walking is a very simple cardio activity that helps in losing belly fat & staying fit. Going for a walk along with a balanced diet does wonders when it comes to shedding unwanted fat. Going out for a brisk walk as short as thirty minutes out in fresh air can help reduce fat around your waist line. 

Additionally, it leaves a positive effect on the metabolism & heart rate. Running is also very beneficial when it comes to fat-burning. The best thing about these exercises is that they don’t require any additional equipment. You won’t be required to have a fancy gym membership in order for them. Just take out a few minutes from your busy routine and stay consistent to see wonders. 

3) Zumba

A lot of people have this misconception that your workouts must hurt. If they are not hurting means you aren’t doing them right well that’s not entirely true. Your exercise regimen isn’t a punishment & therefore, some workouts are fun and still bring wonders to your overall health. 

Zumba workouts are physical activities of high-intensity. They work very well for improving cardiovascular fitness, lowering cholesterol & lowers sugar levels in your blood while melting down your belly fat. So don’t hesitate away from putting in some music and doing the fun zumba workouts. 

4) Squats 

Squats are considered as the compound movements, as it works on multiple muscle groups and multiple joints in your body. They play a major role in strengthening the legs, glutes & other muscles of your body. Beside helping in shedding unwanted fat doing squats Improve the lower body mobility while keeping the bones & joints healthy. 

Start this workout by standing tall with your feet opened wider than your hips and both of your toes facing front. After that drive the hips back— by bending both of your knees & ankles while pressing the knees to get slightly open. Then go down in the squat position while keeping the heels & toes fixed firmly on the floor with your chest stretched up & shoulders at the back. Strive for reaching parallel, meaning your knees should be bent at an angle of 90-degree. Then press the heels & straighten both of your legs to return to  standing position.

5) Spider Crawl

Spider walk is popularly known for core defining. This workout is performed for toning your abdominals and tightening your core. It also builds your muscle if performed in proper form. 

Start this workout by going down in a regular push-up position. Then raise your one foot from the ground & bring the knees closer to your elbow. Hold this position for a few moments & make sure while you are doing this exercise your core is crunched properly. After that, return to the position from where you started, switch your sides & repeat the exercise.

6) Burpees

Burpees is a calisthenics workout. Means it uses the body-weight for inducing resistance. By performing burpees, your whole body gets targets. It is widely done for toning the full body. Burpees is a high-intensity fat burning workout. It also helps in building muscular strength & gaining endurance in your lower & upper body.

Start this exercise by getting into the squat position with both of the knees bent, your back straight & the feet opened shoulder distance apart. Then lower the hands closer to the ground at your front in a way that they come inside your feet. With the whole weight spread fairly on both of your hands, kick the feet back in a way that your hands & toes undergo the pushup position.

Keep the body straight from your head to the heels, and perform a pushup. Make sure you do not let the back sag or stick the butt up in the air. Then do the frog kick and jump the feet to the starting position. After that stand & reach the arms over the head. Then do a quick jump & land from where you started. Then get into the squat position and repeat the whole workout. 

7) Push-up

Push-ups are the timeless classical workout and also their execution is easier compared to other belly fat burning workouts. Start this workout by getting on your all fours & propping yourself up on the hands, also keep them outside of your shoulder-distance apart. Then straighten the arms & legs. Start lowering the body till the chest is about to touch the floor. Hold your position then push yourself back.

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