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After spending a hectic week, the best way to go away from all the hassle and enjoy some amazing time with your friends and family or on your own is to go camping in a serene spot. Camping is cheap, a sustainable option, and most importantly, will not require a lot of planning. You can spontaneously head out and enjoy your time in nature. For camping, you definitely need a camp, and a rooftop camp from Racks Unlimited is the best option.

Rooftop tents are comprehensive tents that you can easily mount on the top of your car and enjoy camping. Many people are still skeptical about switching to a rooftop camp, ditching their old ground tent thinking it would not be a secured option. But that is definitely not the case. There are countless causes behind why you need to quickly shift to a rooftop camp. Let's see the best five reasons why you need to choose a rooftop camp now.

● More comfortable.

Rooftop tents are much comfortable than ground tents. You get better ventilation when you mount the tent on top of your car. If you are camping in the summertime, then a rooftop camp will help you enjoy the pleasant breeze, which a ground tent might not.

● Keeps the pests out.

With a rooftop tent, you will not have to deal with insects or pests. On the ground level, there is a higher chance of getting mosquito bites or other insect bites as well, especially if you choose to camp in a forest area. There is also a huge chance that you might encounter random snakes or other poisonous creatures if you reside in a ground camp. A rooftop camp, on the other hand, will let you peacefully spend time camping without the disturbance of insects, snakes, or any poisonous creatures.

● Provides a better amount of safety.

With ground tents, your safety gets compromised to a certain level, and you cannot have peace while you spend time relaxing. That is why a rooftop tent is a better option. It provides you a better amount of safety by making you not easily reachable for wild animals and trespassers as well. So you can easily relax and spend quality time with proper safety with a rooftop tent.

● Provides a better amount of privacy.

If you are sharing the camping site with multiple other people, there will be an issue with privacy. So to stop that from occurring, you can shift to a rooftop camp. Your rooftop camp will be mounted on your car and thereby will provide you ample amount of privacy, keeping you away from the rest of the people around.

● Get better views.

A rooftop camp is amazing for providing you with better views as well. Since it will be mounted on top of your car, you will be residing at an elevated position, thereby getting better views. If you are camping for bird watching, or star gazing, or for just enjoying the views of the horizon, a rooftop camp is the best. Some amazing rack recommendations from Racks Unlimited would be:


This can accommodate up to 2 persons and closes down to 7” or 18 cm. it weighs around 48kgs, so it will be extremely easy to carry. It comes with a zipper to effortlessly attach the canopy to the base of the tent. It is made out of thermoplastic materials.


ikamper roof tent is very easy to assemble as well. It fits almost every car top and comes with amazing insulation and steel-made locks as well. You will get canopy windows and can also customize them according to your color preference.

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