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Many of us would be content if our other halves stretched to a card and a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day, but for Chantal Blakey, that would just not cut it. The 22 year old mortgage advisor from Blackpool has big expectations when it comes to February 14 and expects the celebrations to last for a week. Chantal draws up a list of romantic demands for fiancé Joe Kyles, a personal trainer, 11 months in advance, and will not be content unless he spends £2,500 lavishing her with gifts.

On her list this year is her favourite breakfast in bed, a card with a long gushy message, followed by 'flower bombing' when she arrives at work, where her desk is flooded with bouquets throughout the day.

Also on her wish list is diamond jewellery, lingerie, designer shoes, a home cooked three course meal and a weekend far at a five star hotel, to name a few. Speaking to The Sun, Chantal admitted she's dumped previous boyfriends for not making enough effort on Valentine's Day. 'Ever since I was a little girl, Valentine's Day has been magical to me,' she told the publication, adding that she gets excited from mid January.

Age 17 my boyfriend Tom told me he was taking me out for dinner, then pulled up at a KFC. I couldn’t understand why he thought KFC was romantic. He said he'd got a voucher for a free meal. I ended it over chicken wings.' Chantal went on to say she ended it with other former flames who offered up fake flowers and chocolates bought from the reduced aisle.

In the build up to the big day, Chantal confessed to getting into the spirit by watching rom coms, listening to her favourite love songs and decorating her house which she shares with Joe with balloons, red hearts and pink love signs. The couple, who appeared on Channel 5's Undercover Girlfriend, met in 2015, with Joe proposing in April last year and Chantal said he used to tease her about her Valentine's Day obsession.

But despite his jokes, he still made a valiant effort when it came to the big day, and he impressed her with a generous bunch of flowers and a big heart shaped cake.
This year her wish list is up to £2,500. 'My list details the whole day and starts with rose petals on the bed and flowers when I wake up,' she told The Sun. 'A big trend now is "flower bombing". You get multiple bouquets of all different types sent throughout the day so your desk is "bombed" with flowers.' Last year Joe cooked her favourite breakfast pancakes with bacon and syrup and she's looking forward to a romantic dinner this evening, after 'little surprises' throughout the day.

He also has a lot to live up to on the gift front, as Joe treated her to a pair of £400 Christian Louboutin shoes, a £350 dress, £200 earrings, Champagne and designer beauty products, as well as a luxury weekend far and a flower wall for them to pose in front of for photos. 'I know people think I’m over the top but it's important to me,' Chantal said, adding that she does buy him gifts, but believes the occasion should be about spoiling the woman. According to research, Valentine's Day spending is now a whopping £650 million a year up 25 per cent from 2015.

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