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Airports are often not the most enjoyable places and usually you wouldn't expect to make a new friend while waiting for your flight. But when Author and author Kevin Armentrout was waiting at Las Vegas International airport with his daughter-in-law, Carter Jean, that's exactly what happened. Kevin said Carter Jean was her ' usual self ' as she stood in the waiting area and said hi to every single person she saw.

She then walked across to a man named Joseph, an African American. He welcomed her like an old friend to Kevin's delight and the two immediately reunited. He reached out and asked if she'd like to chat with him, "wrote Kevin on social media. He took out his ipad and taught her how to draw with it, together they stared at comics, and she gave him snacks.

This was no quick trade, it was 45 minutes. I couldn't help but think seeing them at that time, different genders, different races, different generations and the best of friends. I want that environment for her. Kevin was unable to imagine that a stranger would waste 45 minutes of his time talking with his father, especially after a long flight, so he decided to take his appreciation to the internet.

In a world that is constantly fed too deeply divided by values, I want moments like this to fill her lifenot liberal or conservative republican or democrat, communist or capitalist, only Person. When something would happen to contact you, Joseph in Oklahoma. Thank you for reminding my daughter how kind and compassionate she looks. Continue to shine your light in the universe.

Kevin people were quick to give their opinions on theanswer I got back from Oklahoma people is that Joseph is the real deal! I really love it! And I'm not taken aback! Joseph Pat Wright is a Pastor who considers all as friends. He's a real blessing and your little sister is an Angel! She will have a partner in him forever, Linda Taylor read. The story perfectly illustrates that compassion and kindness exist around us every day and it's better to look at the world with our own eyes and not accept anything we hear.

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