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Former NFL star Michael Strahan is one of the privileged few who have turned their post-career retirement into a successful television hosting career. The Hall of Famer has largely avoided the rumor mills since his heyday, with the focus being on his new career – but now his ex-wife is thre-atening to ta-rnish that image with some new demands. When the pan demic hit, Strahan’s TV morning talk show, Strahan, Sara and Keke, was pulled from the air in favor of a daily pan emic report by ABC News called Pan demic: What You Need to Know. Though the show won’t be returning, it had just achieved nominations for 3 Daytime Emmys. He still maintains his most successful gig to date, however, as one of the co-hosts of Good Morning America.

Strahan is just one of the many people dealing with separation and money woes during the cov-19. Recent headlines have producer Dr. Dre facing similar demands from his soon-to-be-ex-wife, with some similar eye-sta-ggering amounts. While Dre’s kids with his wife are grown and out of the house, the same cannot be said for Strahan – who still shares two twin daughters with his former partner. Recently, Nicole Young hit the presses because of an eye-sta-ggering amount of support that she was seeking, to the tune of over $2 million dollars.

She laid out in detail in recent court papers why she needed $2 million a month from Dre, including but not limited to $10K for cleaning and laundry, $135K for clothes, and over $900K for entertainment. TMZ is reporting all told, the actual amount is $2.53 million dollars – and she wants him to cover her attorney fees to the tune of $5 million dollars. Strahan’s separation was completed back in 2006, with the judge awarding his ex-wife Jean Muggli Strahan with a settlement of over $15 million dollars and over $18,000/monthly in child support for their two twin daughters, which was reduced to under $13,000/month in 2009. Now, she cla!ms that he owes tons of back support – for their daughter’s horseback riding lessons, which she cla!ms they were supposed to be sharing and spl!tting down the middle.

Daughters Sophia and Isabella seem to be avid, bou-rgeoning jockeys, as their mother cla!ms in new court documents that the amount of back money that Strahan owes for his share of their riding lessons, which totals to almost $500,000, and has been collecting dust since 2017. His share that she’s seeking is approximately $225,000.Also, she cla!ms that he owes back child support, having underpaid since 2010 because they’d previously negotiated a cost-of-living increase, which hasn’t been honored since then.

That adjusted amount which he owes rings in at a sta-ggering $321,654 – an amount which Strahan is, of course, d!sputing. For his part, Strahan says that while he did agree to a cost-of-living increase, he believes that the language about how to come up with the number is “va-gue and indefinite,” and also that he never agreed to pay for their horseback riding lessons.

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