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Employee Looks After Baby While Unemployed Mom Goes To Interview

A woman, Pamie Nkuna, took to social media to reveal how a kind stranger helped her when she needed it the most. Nkuna has been looking for a job for quite some time because she wants to be able to provide for her baby girl. The single mother revealed: “I got a call one day and was told to come for an interview at short notice.

My two-year-old daughter could be heard over the phone and the HR lady said to me bring her along.” She added that they were five hours away from their nearest relatives and she had no other option as to take the little girl with. When Nkuna arrived at the company for her interview, the HR lady took her daughter and entertained her for the duration of the meeting.

The grateful mom wrote: “What really bought me to tears is the fact that the lady was willing to stay with my daughter for the duration of the interview. I’ve never experienced such humanity and kindness in my life before especially when it comes to my daughter.

Interviewer or Board reading a resume during a job interview Employer interviewing a young male job seeker for recruitment talking in modern office employment and recruitment concept.

What I’ve learnt is that when something is yours it will happen irregardless of the obstacles that stand in your way. Focus, be patient and keep believing” Briefly.co.za previously reported on a similar story. A beautiful mother, Busisiwe Kondlo, was waiting at the Port Elizabeth traffic department after writing her drivers’ test.

She said her baby daddy brought her their child because he was crying and she was struggling to calm him down. A kind woman, who works at the department, helped Kondlo by taking her baby and settling him.

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