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“Don’t Call Tyrone, Call Jesus!”: Sassy 6-Yr-Olds Leave the Internet Roaring in Laughter With Life Advice That Is Pure GOLD – Video

If there are two cuties winning the hearts and laughs of the internet these days it’s 7-year-old Dani and 6-year-old Dannah. With their spitfire personalities, honest advice, and desire to share their love for Jesus with others, this sister-duo shares weekly videos that are sure to leave you busting a gut. Last week the girls took to social media with some sound advice for how to respond to all of the world’s craziness: “Call Jesus.”

“Don’t call Tyrone, call Jesus!”

Impressed by their advice, which quickly went viral, Steve Harvey welcomed the girls to his talk show, and gave them the floor to host his signature segment, “Hey Steve.” It’s the portion of his show where members of the audience present Steve with a problem, then ask him for advice. The girls first drew internet attention when their mom, Dani Lane, shared a video of her daughters recapping their day at school.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, Dannah says her boyfriend broke up with her, then came back with gifts. But the sassy 6-year-old was not having his games. “I’ll take the bracelet but I won’t take you!” she said. The girls also share “Scripture Time” videos, which are like mini sermons, coming from mini people with a powerful message. They pick a verse, share it with viewers and then break it down like a true pastoral duo.

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