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Doctor Drops Newborn Preemie On The Floor, Then Tells Mom “It’s Ok, You’re Young, You’ll Have More”

I guess most of you know the feeling of hesitation when someone offers you to hold their newborn baby. No matter how much the little souls make us happy and remind us of the innocent times of our own life, or how much we want to embrace them and hold them tight, we know they are very fragile and we somehow don’t feel comfortable carrying them in our arms. So, we often admire the ease with which medical staff hold the newborns. However, despite their experience, they too should be extra cautious when handling little babies in order to avoid trag-edi-es such as that of baby Ian. His mom is sharing his story with the rest of us through Love What Matters.

Kristal Amezquita couldn’t wait to meet her bundle of joy. She never assumed that the moment she was desperately waiting for would never arrive because of a doctor’s negligence, especially because her pregnancy was a healthy one up until the moment things somehow turned for the worse. Speaking to Love What Matters, Kristal said, “He told me the membranes of the water bag were protruding and I was already leaking water (technically already in labor—the pain I was experiencing were contractions), the water Ian needed to survive was coming out. He said my cervix had opened up and the placenta had come into contact with the vag-inal canal causing an infection. I was on the verge of fig-h-ting an infection and I had two options at this point.”

“One — Expedite my pregnancy or Two — Let my body take its course. WHAT. THE. HECK. I was heartbro-ken, my heart was aching, my world was shattered. How did I go from being so excited to turn 21 weeks and see my baby growing in my belly to knowing I would not leave the hospital with him?” “I had the catheter put in and about less than half an hour later I was in feeling so uncomfortable, I was in pain and my heart was broken. I called for the nurse because I told her I wanted the catheter out, I could feel it, but she said I had the epidural so I shouldn’t be feeling anything. While she and the OB were checking on me, my water broke. THAT IS WHEN I COMPLETELY LOST IT. I knew this was really happening, I was really losing my baby.”

What happened next left Kristal in complete shock. Her life was changed forever and she just couldn’t believe what had unfolded right in front of her eyes. Baby Ian was dropped on the floor by the OB who delivered him, and their words were “It’s okay, you’re young, you’ll have more, YOU are okay.” “My mom said she felt like he was going to be thrown away with all the trash – the way the OB handled Ian. Since Ian was so tiny, he kind of slid right out and they failed to catch him,” Kristal said. No matter how tiny he was, Ian will never be forgotten.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Sharon WoodsOur “heroes” at work! He quite possibly would’ve depart away on his own anyway but this is beyond the pale! Planned Parenthood and their squad of ghouls! How appalling and disgus-ting!

JaneI can’t believe this is a real story. It is real, right? It sounds like a nightmare a mother would have.

RobinThis shows just how doctors today don’t care. In a profession that should be a profession to help people. Case in point my stepfather d-ed Monday of last week. He went in a month ago for shoulder pain. The nurse and doctor told him it wasnt anything serious without really looking at him. He had no insurance. A month later rushed to the hospital he di-ed of sepsis. A veteran a human being. Ignored by medical professionals. Even if we had free healthcare, trust me it would be just as bad, but more likely worse. Again doctors now a days go against the oath of being a doctor to appease the insurance companies that have more money than know what to do with. This kind of thing is no longer a surprise to me that medical professionals would do something like drop a newborn then reply as he or she did.

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