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Devon Franklin Talks About His New Book, “Live Free: Exceed Your Highest Expectations” – Video

The bestselling author returns with his biggest book yet in which he teaches us the secret to living a happier life: get rid of as many expectations as possible—of ourselves, our future, our relationships, our career and our family. Expectations are the secret software, running on the hardware of our minds, controlling our emotions, decisions, and actions. How?

Think about your life. How much of the sadness you feel derives from what you think should have happened—than with what actually happened? Think about your career. How much of the discontent you feel comes from your belief about where you’d be at this point—than with the progress you’ve actually made? Think about your relationships. How much of your dissatisfaction with friends, family, significant others, or spouses has to do with your unspoken presumptions—than with the people themselves?

Having so many expectations is distorting your perspective, decreasing your happiness and disrupting your joy. You can live a life of true freedom, greater peace and less stress: release as many expectations as possible. This, DeVon Franklin argues, is the secret to a better life now. In a culture obsessed with more, Live Free is a bold counterintuitive book that can start a cultural revolution, Franklin contends. Everyone struggles with unnecessary expectations. But once you learn to let go of them, you can set the stage for the life you’ve always wanted.

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gaiseyelizGod bless you pastor Devon for your good works

cwebb7448This is going to be epic lord please let me remind myself to attend

ada.ada7777Right now my life is a complete mess, I won’t even lie. Words cannot begin to describe the level of hardship on my end, my sister and I are orphans, life has been completely unbearable for us ever since the loss of our parents ?, I know a lot of people would insult me for saying all of these but right now I’ll rather speak up than for me to in silence, we are going through. Even for us to eat once in a day right now is such a big miracle, It torments me a lot to see my only sibling starve, it breaks my heart. Please I want to plead for help no matter how little it would go a long way in helping us get groceries, I’m bad thoughts every day of my life due to the unbearable hardship on our end, please help us out please and I’d be forever grateful ?.please I have a gofundme page on my bio

paperpeacocksThis is going to be straight !! Love both of these folks @devonfranklin AND @sarahjakesroberts ! I have both books on audio! I can’t wait to get started.

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