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Colette Kingston has always had an amazing relationship with her parents and believe they are the reason she is now the person she is. So when her father depart, her mom Opal Zucca was left on her own. Colette though it would be for the best if Opal moved in with her and her husband. But knowing how independent her mother is, she knew she would refuse the invite. And that’s exactly what happened.

Although Colette trusted her mom living by herself, she was still worried at times, as Opal was in her late eighties, so she visited her very often. Eventually, Colette came up with the idea to install a security camera in front of Opal’s home that would register any movement outside. That’s how she saw her mom being involved in an acci-dent one day. As the elderly lady was trying to move the trashcan aside from the street, she slipped and fell, hi-t-ting her head.

When Colette saw this, she panicked and rushed to her mom’s place just to see the sanitation worker helping Opal getting on her feet. He then walked Opal inside the house and took the trashcan to the driveway. Colette was very grateful this man, Shelby, stepped in for her mom. From that moment on, Shelby checked on Opal every time he would empty her trashcan. Colette sees Shelby engaging in conversations with her mom, and she’s happy he became her friend.

Knowing he’s around, Colette is at ease and knows her mom is safe. Recently, she posted a video of Opal and Shelby on Social media. He could be heard saying, “You are looking good. I like that hair. You got it down. I got to work on mine,” and then waves goodbye. They only have words of praise for this incredibly kind man who makes huge difference in this elderly lady’s life.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Tonya - This is my favorite Ring video. I love this beautiful man, trash sanitation work is hard and i appreciate him and I know my trashmen work hard too. ..nice bunch of guys..This video makes me happy every time I see it

Ray Mak - My heart melted because he has no idea how he made her day. This is how we all need to treat one and other always.

Darlene James - This is how we ate supposed to treat each other. God bless them both. Lets live up to this standard of excellence !

Alexandria Michelle - Neighbors need to be more aware of their elderly neighbors. I pull in and take out the trash for the lady who lives alone across from my house

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