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Usually when people look at self images from a decade ago, they all tend to notice the same kind of things. Their weight varies a little bit, their skin shows a little more wear and looks like their eyes how can I phrase that gently Pretty mature. Ultimately, they're getting older. That's unless those who like Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey transform themselves with a lot of hard work and look younger somehow now than they did a decade ago.

The pair, who started dating in 2007, posted on Instagram a photo of their 10 year glow up, and the disparity has shocked us. Joseph, 29, claims that she used to wear a wig and hair stuck to face each day. In the meantime, 30 year old Hennessey used to shave once a week to hold his rugged facial hair in place.

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As the couple are trainers and know how to have a perfectly toned body they are setting goals for many out there. Though the time of transformation has not been a cakewalk for them but yet the final result is just the best and has made them social media stars with a lot of followers all ready to follow their footsteps.

Joseph revealed, despite her enviable figure, that she was not always happy with how she looks. The 29 year old, like many others, had been through somebody's confidence issues, and sometimes had suffered with her weight.

Luckily for her, she has always been told by Hennessey that she is perfect, and has been trapped with for 10 years.

He was there for me anyway. She said actually. That route. Anyway. Through thick and thin he took care of me and cherished me. To put it literally. I was big, and thin. Mostly hard but I respect him and he likes him.

Now that the article has gained some attention on the internet, tons of people rush to report on the seemingly impossible transformation of the pair.

A lot of comments are being poured over their pictures. A person also asked about the magical drink they are drinking and ageing backwards. The transformation of the couple is just remarkable and is being applauded by the followers with all sort of positive comments.

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