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The well-known show What Would You Do? is pulling at our heartstr!ngs yet again! If you have not heard of the show before, John Quiñone, the host, and a set of actors portray a variety of difficult situations that focus on strangers’ reactions. This time around, the show is focusing on helping others when they are a little short on cash. The scenario in this episode has a woman buying groceries with food stamps, but still being $12 short.

The cashier, who is an actor, has less than great things to say about the situation, which caught the attention of other shoppers. Most of the episodes will have you reaching for a t!ssue and this one is no exception! The best part of the show is that most of the scenarios are based on real-life events that have occurred and are written into the episode. This episode was based on an incident at Albertson’s grocery store, where a cashier was acuse-d of making sh-amful remarks towards a customer using food stamps. It is a normal occurrence where many people require government a!d, especially to feed their families.

In this episode, an actress is portr-aying a woman who is in a similar situation. As the scenario begins, you see the cashier ring up the woman’s groceries, only to discover her food stamps are leaving her $12 short. The struggling woman asks the cashier if there are any coupons that could be used, only leading to some na*ty remarks from the cashier. At this moment, a woman standing in line behind the actress, steps in immediately to pay the remaining balance.

The cashier made consistent remarks about “abu*ing the system”, but no one was having it! Customer after customer stepped in to mediate the situation and help the woman out. The part that really gets us is seeing how many customers who step in to help, are in specific financial situations themselves. “It’s the human things to do,” said one customer after being asked why she feels the need to help. That can’t be further from the truth. The kindness and ge-neros!ty we see portrayed on this show truly restore our faith in humanity. We should all take note and help out whenever we can.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Carrie Benton - "I'd rather have my money go to poor people on food stamps than tax cuts for the super rich!" Damn, that's a beautiful line.

Cerean Eyre - So the man who didn’t know if he had enough food for himself, that’s the true definition of being selfless. And then the two strangers becoming a team to preach love. I’m not crying, you’re crying

Eric - "My heart is clean." YES. Stop having expectations for what people do with your help. You helped, good for you. You have a good heart and a clean conscience. What they do from there is up to them and not a reflection of you

Antoinette - I was buying just one small container of salt once and the guy in front of me let me cut because he had a full cart, then saw I was taking the last singles out of my wallet to pay and insisted it goes into his bill. I hope has having a great day

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