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When my father's song Dance was sung by the late soul music giant Luther Vandross, he had in mind the special bond father's share with their kids, particularly their daughters. But this tale is not about the artist or his songs, it is about a young boy who picked up the role of dancing with his girlfriend from his father just to make sure his sister was satisfied.

Very sad if I get some of you in your thoughts but this story is such a good one, posted on her social media page by the siblings ' mother TrelysiaHamerter. Hamerter felt helpless and sad after seeing her 7 year old daughter stand up for daddy and daughter perform at her school for the second year in a row.

Her daughter Skylar shed tears, because for the special moment she got her heart set on going. I feel practically weak and I felt like he would, but I thought he wouldn't try to pull that same trick in a row for two years,Hamerter said.

Just when she felt she had lost all hope, the next thing that made happy tears continue to fall was what her 11 year old son Christian did. The new, brave man took over as father figure of Skylar and, by being her partner, made the ultimate move for her daddy daughter party.

My 11 year old is the one who came in and said he'd take her because she needs someone to hold her word and make her feel special, she said. At this point, mom knew she was not just raising a good man but a king! My son is very caring and sweet to me. He definitely isn't the typical 11 year old.

Only remember that one day I'm growing somebody a great husband, with this letter she left the world. Hamerter post received more than 70,000 reactions and 36,000 likes for his move with netizens picking up praises on the little kid. It's so cool for her brother to move in as enjoy this so much as the Male of her life.

Through God continue to bless him and yes he will transform someone into an amazing husband and father, wrote Doretha Carter Bowen. Good mom for the work. He's an awesome big brother and son and he'll make a great husband one day! All because of you,' wrote Vae Faulkner.

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