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Blue Ivy Carter Adorably Narrates Audiobook For ‘Hair Love’

Blue Ivy Carter is begging you to pick up a book. The illustrious 8-year-old mogul has scored yet another bag and added yet another legacy to her name. This time, she’s narrating the audiobook adaptation of Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, the animated short you may recall winning at this year’s Academy Awards — if you can remember pre-lockdown at all. Cherry announced the news himself with a wordless Beyoncé self-titled-esque drop on Twitter. He simply teased Blue Ivy’s golden voice with a snippet. “Dreamscape Presents Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry,” she reads, full of life. “Narrated by Blue Ivy Carter.” Brava! Don’t just give her the Grammy — rename the whole category in her honor.

Blue Ivy’s narration is significant not just for who her mother is, but what she represents to other little Black girls, like main character Zuri. Hair Love celebrates and honors the kinks and coils in natural hair, the same kinks and coils grown adults tried to shame Blue Ivy for as a toddler. Throughout the story, Zuri and her dad bond over embracing her hair, a lesson haters have yet to learn. Now, the empowering story has a real-life hero of its own.

Zuri’s adorable family will make HBO Max their home in a new animated series titled Young Love, executive produced by Cherry. The show will follow her, her parents, and their cat as they navigate the tangled mess we call life. As of today, you can listen to Blue Ivy Carter narrate Hair Love anywhere audiobooks are sold or watch the seven-minute short on YouTube now.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Tory SpearsCongrats Blue! Some of y’all are so extra, now if it was one of the Kardashian-Jenner kids y’all would’ve been sooo happy for them like they invented reading or something. No matter who her parents are she deserves to be able to have her own accomplishments as well.

Linda ArtisCongratulations to you Blue Ivy. Your an adorable 8 year old. I am so glad for what you are doing for yourself. l know your parents are so proud of you. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Marsha Britton-McDanielsShe has the right parents to be able to walk right through those doors and skip a lot of steps…life lessons and hard work that others would need …it is what it is…she is blessed nothing wrong with that

Leslie James-FossettI am happy to see a little brown girl doing her thing. White parents have been using their status to set their kids up since forever. Bravo to the Carters for making it happen!

Ravenda Johnson DallahThese kids today are so brilliant and creative. My 9 yr old granddaughter was listening to Mozart while she was using old socks to make clothes for her Barbie’s, and her mom’s old braid hair to make them box braids.. I was like….guuuurrrlll..

Irina Mkitarianshe’s cute and talented and perhaps she was an obvious pick given she B’s daughter but there are so many other talented black girls who are dreaming for a chance like this but who unfortunately don’t have the same opportunities as Blue. Would’ve been nice if they gave one of those girls a chance

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