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The father jay Z had bought his daughter Blue Ivy to the basketball game to be played between the cross town rivalry of the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers on Sunday. The father daughter duo seemed to enjoy the game thoroughly. Both of them sat outside at the Staples Centre with the media snapping far the girl snacking on potato chips and laughing with her 50 year old dad as they watch the excitement of the game.

The baby girl wore a stylish jacket with the words ‘blue is my name’ printed in bold letters at the back of the jacket. She also wore black tight leggings and gave a finishing touch to her outfit with a pair of Fendi shoes.

Something about the fact that Blue Ivy is mature enough to be sitting court side with her legs crossed is sending me

— Sylvia Obell (@SylviaObell) March 9, 2020

Jay was also spotted in a casual gear, donning a grey sweater with the woeds ‘Avante-Garde’ written in black on it. He also wore black joggers, a white t shirt and white sneakers.he finished with a hefty gold chain and a hat by a designer Rhuigi Villasenor.

People were surprised at the fact that Blue Ivy was mature enough tom sit by the court side with her legs crossed and watching the game  after the Laker’s win, both the dad and the daughter posed for photos with the [players and they posed with some of the legends of the game.

Blue even asked james to give her a signed basketball after she followed him to the changing room in the stadium and he was overwhelmed at the request and happily gave his consent for the gift.

He asked her again and again that she wanted a ball from him and he said that he got her, he got her. He further inquired about her school and also about her grade in the school. He was very happy to converse with the small girl and was very eager to answer all her querries.

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