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Today, 40% of adolescents are totally unprepared for college and the real world, while 72% of adolescents want to start their own business. Nevertheless, the one hurdle in their path is lack of knowledge on how to start a market. For this cause, Crystal Victoria has initiated an initiative to help students learn the basics of entrepreneurship.Victoria is the creator of Teen Biz Camp, an after-school program for children aged 13 to 18 that is popular in four Texas cities like Dallas and Houston.

According to WeBuyBlack. The eight-week curriculum consists of courses teached by a variety of local business owners and practitioners. Students receive a tablet and online store for their own company start-up kit and get to learn their culture by field trips.Teen Biz Camp has so far educated 500 teens to become businessmen. Much better is that the students are already increasing their funds after eight weeks.

Victoria also developed Teen Biz Camp to support youth trustingly enter the workforce because they are self-reliant. We will no longer have to rely on savings or job insurance. Today, as businessmen, they will succeed in any profession they choose to follow. Victoria, as an entrepreneur, recognizes this need so well. According to WeBuyBlack, Teen Biz Camp recently launched a brand new popup shop full of new stockpiles inside the luxurious Galleria Center in Houston.

Students are given the opportunity to sell items in a fast-paced atmosphere with this pop-up shop. Victoria's goal for this shop is a $360,000 economic impact on low-income neighborhoods.

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