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Antonio Brown Tweets No More White Women After A-llegedly Discovering His Baby Mama Was Cheating & Plotting To Scam Him – Video

Antonio Brown continues to share his opinions on social media. The wide receiver’s NoMoreWhiteWoman campaign has been all the talk on the Internet streets. Brown is of course in a holding pattern as the NFL investigates the claims. AB shared his “New Year’s resolution” via Twitter.

Brown then took to his Instagram story asking for “20 beautiful white woman for a photoshoot for my new album Nowhitewoman.” Brown also uploaded a “campaign flyer” to his Instagram account, where he referenced “album teaser” and “cabrecords.”

The tagline “No More White Woman” is an interesting choice given the current issues Brown is going through with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss.

Kyriss, who is white, is the mother of three of AB’s children. Their relationship has seemingly ended and AB is asking her to vacate one of his properties.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman is reporting that several teams have interest in the free agent wide receiver. But the NFL is still investigating claims made against him that caused his release from the Patriots.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Stephanie Arnold: “I say this about sugar…until one of my co-workers bring in donuts. You like what you like Antonio.”

Kwanza Keshan: “They got all them kids together…she DGAF if he leave…she gonna be taken care of regardless until he runs out of money. Which is soon at the rate he’s going.”

Mishella Hale: “I wish he would just get the help he needs. He is clearly in some type of breakdown”

Tárez Jávíer: “This is nothing more than a triggered emotional reaction. Nothing will change which I could care less about”

Marcus Jones: “I believe this if either 1) he either repeated cheated her on her or 2)it just might be all in his head…he is not rapped too tight…”

Ernest L. Jakes: “Anyone that loves themselves more than they love you will cheat.There is no color called loyal, just people hiding who they really are until the opportunity arises to get more. alwayswillkill poorpeople”

Jessica Renae: “Nah. I’m with her. He did some foul shit and stayed. From that point on, it’s a business arrangement. Get what you can get! Sis paid PAID either way. Go on and leave-she’ll be laughing in your rearview!”

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