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Angela Bassett Surprised 4-Year-Old Girl Who Called Herself Ugly – Video

A four-year-old Black boy called Ariyonna’s video shared on social media Live saying I’m too seriously affecting many hearts. She has a lot of support from her known near and dear ones and also is being supported by the celebrities some of which area. First Lady Michelle Obama, Viola Davis, Jada Pinkett Smith, and many more. Her fans are also supporting her from all over.

Ariyonna, her sister Ashante Cotton and Shabria Redmond, the lady who made her hair in the viral picture, all talked on Friday, March 13, at The Tamron Hall Show.

They were both stunned by Angela Bassett, 61, as she spent the interview pacing on camera, causing Ashante and Shabria to break into tears.

The mother-of-two told Ashante and Shabria, Thank you for your inspiration to help a little girl, you know, but you owe some strength and insight and humility to the universe.

She said, people sometimes recommend all sorts of things they don’t know what to do so they do the wrong thing often. And the way you think of her spirit, her things soul not just her physical beauty, but the elegance of her heart.

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