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Alexis Skyy, Ari Fletcher & Jayda Cheaves Face Off On Twitter

Chile this tea definitely boiled hot on Saturday when words between Alexis Skyy, Ariana Fletcher and Jayda Cheaves were exchanged. Things all began when fans started alluding to Ari throwing punches at Alexis after posting a video to her Instagram. Ori said in the photo, shared to her Instagram Story, This shit is moving too far now. Now, it’s just one of me, everyone.

Fans thought Ari was thinking to Alexis after finding out that their presence had incorporated certain parallels.Alexis took her Twitter to respond to the fans and said, You bi-tches are strange because I’m in my own lane I hate not one of those trolls tagging me in shit thinking I’m pretending to be like that guy. Let me make it clear that I love myself and I am beautiful inside and out! I was truly humble. Such bit-hes I paved the way for.


She continued, It’s all insecure that it’s really sad. I can do whatever I want with my hair nails clothes. Y’all have on you some evil demons. But that’s why I’ll be blessed and favored forever because I don’t have any hate in my heart.


It wasn’t too long before Ari caught the wind of Alexis  comments and she clapped back to let her know the video wasn’t directed at her, but she can see that Alexis likes her style.


Alexis then clapped back to let Ari know that her booking fee is in fact twice as much as she claimed. Things took an unexpected turn, though, when Alexis also called Jayda Cheaves, the girlfriend and baby mom to Lil Baby’s rapper.Apparently, Alexis saw Jayda say, Anna oop to Ari’s whole situation, so Alexis decided to let Jayda have it too.


Lil Baby spoke out quickly and said he didn’t want to deal with the tension. Ori also replied and had a brief message about all that was happening right now. Alexis also explained that, as she focused on everything that happened, she and Lil Baby have not fooled around in years.


Ari also spoke out and claimed she had all the smoke behind Jayda, which implies she was ready to come to Jayda’s rescue anytime she needed to. Alexis responded quickly to Ari, as things went downhill.


MasikaKalysha, quickly jumped in the mix to laugh at Alexis ‘ earlier claim to pave the way, and these two began throwing punches back and forth at each other.


Now if you all remember, these two already have a beefing past with each other, and they share the same baby daddy as well. After things started to settle down, Alexis went on to say a few more things on Instagram Live!

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