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You know those terrible days when it seems like nothing will go your way? You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, your toast, can't find your keys, every red light on the way to work... And sometimes, the list of annoying things does not end there. It was on one of those days that Laine Herman had to get the oil in her car changed. Thankfully, she had someone to sort her out and turn her day around. She had to pick up her children after changing the oil, but a technical problem meant she would not have been able to drive her car out of the petrol station. Clement, the petrol attendant, swooped in to help.

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In a post, the mother shares, "Today, the 'low oil' light appeared on my way to fetch my kids from school. The car was losing power, so I decided to go to the nearest garage (Total Garage in Ramsgate)." Once the oil was replaced and she tried to get the car running, she realized she just could not get her car to start. "I was unable to move the car because the gears weren't catching," Herman explains. "I explained to the attendants that we were new to the area with no one to assist me with fetching my kids, which had to be done immediately."

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Most people in this circumstance would just empathize with Herman. Maybe a few would offer to call up a cab service on her behalf. Clement, on the other hand, is not "most people." He quickly asked Herman if she could drive a manual car—and offered her his own car! The mother states, "Before I knew it, he parked his car next to me with the keys in the ignition and continued work as normal. I managed to fetch my kids on time." Of course, there aren't many folks like Clement who would trust a stranger like that without question.

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This is something Herman recognized. "I'm so thankful he trusted me with his prized possession without knowing my name or driving abilities," she reflects. "When I returned, he allowed me to drop my kids off at home, and for my husband to return with his car." In addition to all this, the petrol attendant even organized a tow truck and someone to fix the car. Therefore, the mother affirms in the now-viral post, "He was truly my knight in shining armor! I pray God will bless him beyond measure."

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Others were quick to acknowledge Clement's selflessness as well. One user commented, "Wow, what a thoroughly nice bloke. I really hope he gets acknowledged for his trust and kindness. Well done, young man." Another added, "Great guy. We should use him as an example to everyone. BE KIND. It costs nothing but means the world to someone." So, perhaps the moral of the lesson is: if you know someone is having a bad day... Rise to the occasion and be their Clement.


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