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Normally when most people hear the word ' dog,' they think of a cute, fuzzy puppy which is the greatest pet in the world. Many families, after all, own at least one, whether it's a little chihuahua or a large rottweiler. But there is also another group of puppies, which do not automatically cross the mind of everybody. We are working dogs.

The healthy, skilled boys and girls specially trained to perform those tasks. Service dogs aid people with physical or intellectual impairments or disabilities. Herding dogs help on property. One of the most well-known types of service dogs is perhaps that of officer dogs, commonly established as K9.

Although officer dogs may be viewed as frightening, particularly since they are typically employed to help in response to a act, that doesn't imply they're not just ordinary silly dogs loving entertainment and having fun with their owners deep down.

Another such canine was seen in a much happier environment when a lady spotted a officer using his K9 to take selfies. That caught the woman's attention was not only the fact that the two took pictures, but also that the cop showed the dog every photo after it had been snap.

Gina Anzaldua Stevenson went on social media where she posted the lovely images on a group called "Dogspotting Club" where she received 60k likes and 47k tweets. As the emotions and affection of citizens filled the comment section, it didn't take long for the policeman to get across the message.

Then, to the delight of everyone, Andre Cloyd shared the photos he'd snap of his puppy, Zigi. The man works as a Dallas, Texas officer and took some time off his job to take some cute photos of his K9 buddy.

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