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8-Year-Old Girl Crosses Street With Woman: Shouts 6 Words That Forces Guard To Take A Drastic Decision – Video

Hey say heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and this story is certainly proof of that. Adrian Young works as a crossing guard at a Los Angeles school, where she makes sure all the children can safely cross the street without worrying about cars. But one day while Adrian was waving a woman and a girl across the street, she suddenly found herself protecting a child from quite a different threat.

The girl yell six terrifying words — and Adrian immediately went into superhero mode. It was just another ordinary September school day when Adrian saw a girl and a woman crossing the street together. But as the pair got closer to her, Adrian sensed something wasn’t right. Then suddenly, the girl made a desperate cry for help. “Please, don’t let her take me,” the girl shouted, “I don’t know her! She’s not my mom!” The girl’s words instantly triggered Adrian’s maternal instinct and she sprung into action.

Even though Adrian is only about 4’8″ (150 cm), she didn’t hesitate and grabbed hold of the little girl. The woman also grabbed the girl and refused to give up. She tried to knock Adrian down, but without success. Soon, Adrian was able to force the woman to let go of the girl, and the woman ran. Then, Adrian called the po-lice and they were able to arrest the kidnapper soon afterward.

The girl was quickly reunited with her mother and Adrian was hailed as a hero for her efforts. “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know where my daughter would be,” the girl’s mother said. The city of Los Angeles honored Adrian and gave her a certificate recognizing her as a hero. “Sometimes superheroes come in small packages.

Because of her diligence, training, awareness, and just because she cares so much about children, she prevented what could’ve been a carry off of a child,” a city representative said at the recognition ceremony. Adrian is a true hero who deserves all the praise in the world!

This is how people reacted to this post:

EVE LA – I’m 29 and I still remember the lady who used to help us cross to get to my elementary every morning. They really do impact a child’s day! I remember giving her flowers every other morning. Thanks Genie!

Annie o – Let’s not forget to give HUGE kudos to the mom…who had obviously taught her child how to respond in such a situation. Not every kid would know to call out. Good job mom…and bless sweet crossing guard for being alert and attentive.

Mathis Bailey – She’s definitely a hero…..they should’ve given more than just a plaque.

Rae Mini Hopa – Most little women don’t see themselves as little especially when the adrenaline kicks in. Very happy no one was hurt in this happy ending!

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