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As parents, the stress that comes with everyday life is only amplified when you throw traveling in the mix. Every parent knows the hassle of traveling with children, and some unfortunate souls even understand the added challenge of doing so with an infant. This dad and Imgur user is one of them. But thanks to the kindness of one stranger, a beautiful story came from the otherwise hectic experience. On a Sunday, after weather in Chicago threw a glitch into his travel plans, this dad was having an awful day.

It was his 8-month-old’s second flight ever, and according to the dad, his little man was doing pretty well. That is—until he decided he wanted to go see the neighbor in the window seat. At first, the father tried to comfort his young son and prevent him from crawling all over the stranger sitting next to him. But of course, the woman didn’t mind it one bit. “After brief introductions and him brawl me trying to crawl over to her, she opens her arms and says ‘oh just give him to me!’” It turns out that the kind woman was all it took.

“He (and I, exhausted) willingly oblige to the strangers request. Not 60 seconds later he puts his head down on her chest and falls asleep!” That wasn’t even the best part! As soon as the baby fell asleep, she looked over to the dad and jokingly exclaimed, “The power of boobies!” She then proceeded to tell the dad that if he wanted to take a quick nap, she would hold the child so he could catch up on some sleep. “After multiple cancellations and layovers I selfishly agreed to give her watch over my precious child so that I could catch a quick cat nap.” The experience was a healthy reminder that despite a lot of the junk we hear in the news, there are still very good people in the world.

“The kindness of this stranger was truly refreshing on what was quickly becoming one of the worst days in a long time. There is still hope!” The inspiring post from a grateful father quickly went viral, receiving over 120,000 views on Imgur in just 24 hours. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes that village is made up of close friends and family. Other times, it’s simply a stranger damp up some baby cuddles so that dad can take a quick nap.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Catherine Willis Coppolo - It happened to me. I was flying with a 1 and 4 year old. My daughter was fussing terr-ibly and an older man was sitting near us. He took her and she slept in his arms the whole flight.

Jaclyn Abel - I was that stranger once, I had fun playing with and holding a little guy on my flight home. The mom was grateful because they had flight delays and they still had a ways to go.

Briana Morson - We had a 6 hour flight delay in Bangkok airport when my brother and I were about 10&11. I spent most the time asleep on dads jacket but my brother spent the whole time playing soccer in the terminal with a bunch of 20ish year olds he found and a plush soccer ball they won in one of those claw machines

Prince Collins Golding - All this kids are showing us something. A very good lesson for all human. I also saw a black small boy, same thing to a white lady.. people let's us k-ill this thing of black and white so that this world will be a better place for us as human.

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