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6 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga?

The 5000-year-old discipline, Yoga, has more than 100 styles and over 52,000 registered teachers.

But what is Yoga?

It is literally defined as “Union”; Union of your physical, spiritual, and mental practices so that you achieve Freedom; Freedom from all the stress, all the exertion, and all the tension in your life.

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It is a very common misconception that yoga is exclusively for women.

No matter the majority of practitioners are females, but there is no restriction of the perks based on gender.

Yoga asks nothing in comparison to what it gives. You just need a mat, an area to practice it, and the peace of mind.

Still skeptical if you really should do it?

Here are 5 reasons that will surely pull you towards a yoga mat!

1. Aids in Better Concentration:

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There is no ambiguity in how stressful a man’s life is in particular, providing for the family, supporting them, and being answerable for everything in their household.

This might create hindrances in their Concentration level. This is where Yoga can benefit men. As the definition suggests, it brings the body, mind, and soul together. Your mind is relaxed and evens your body. That too, quite literally. This promotes a sound state of mind and a sharper intellect.

2. Promotes Flexibility and Even Distribution of Muscles:

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Flexibility is not generally a prerequisite for doing Yoga but one of the many benefits. The various poses of Yoga help achieve it as they activate all the muscles in the body, which is an added benefit too.

The activation of the entire body encourages even muscle growth. No matter how hard you weight train, there will always be some muscles you might miss. So, all the skinny guys who want to gain muscles without weight training, Yoga is an excellent option.

Talk about flexibility, men need to take comfortable clothing into account. It’s better to wear a pouch underwear while performing yoga.

Why? Because not only does pouch underwear protects a man’s delicates while performing different positions but also refrains from any infections to happen due to all the sweat.

After all, you need to be comfortable and relaxed while you do Yoga.

3. Helps in Losing Weight:

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Yes, you read it right! Yoga is not only for underweight men but also who are looking to shred a few pounds.

Cardio workout is very intense and involves a raised heartbeat and stay there throughout the entire session. This makes it difficult to follow on a daily basis.

Though Yoga is hard but put together consistency and proper form, you can ace it. The difficult poses require stability of one of a kind. This, in turn, increases the calorie-burning count, which, if paired with restricted calorie intake, can be way beneficial for people who target to lose weight.

A study proves that a thirty-minute Yoga session is equivalent to a day’s effective cardio workout.

4. Increases Stamina and Improves Sexual Performance:

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As Yoga is a rigorous activity involving the mind and body altogether, it makes you push your limits.

You balance yourselves in postures that were never possible. All of this pushing your limits, improves your stamina.

One of the primary factors of Yoga is to target and control your breathing. This enhances your endurance and boosts your stamina. 10 flights of stairs will not be such a problem, and an extra run to the store will not sound so much of work! That is what Yoga can do for you!

Moreover, improved flexibility and stamina enhance your performance in the bedroom as well. You do not get tired early and are open to trying different positions with your partner.

5. It Has Overall Health Benefits:

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Yoga brings your mind, body, and, most importantly, your soul into harmony.

Stress is a factor that can even disturb your cortisol levels, which can further lead to health issues. Yoga can correct this. If you look at the aim of a healthy mind, a sound state of mind is necessary, as this can actually keep your hormones in check.

These balanced hormones make sure the body is running smoothly and will ultimately give you a healthier body.

If you look at the aim of a healthy physique, your muscles get toned and are activated. You shred the extra pounds, and each and every muscle of your body gets involved, which ensures muscle growth too. So you feel light and more active.

Lastly, if you look at the aim of spiritual health, it is the most important one. No one is truly happy if they feel they a lost soul. Yoga helps you connect yourself with nature, helping you feel relaxed.

6. Helps You Build Strength and Dodge Back Problems For Good:

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Yoga does not require you to be some Hulk!

It just wants you to keep trying so that one day it helps you being that strong man you wished you were.

Just like flexibility, strength is not a prerequisite of Yoga but actually a product of it. After doing it for a fair amount of time, people have reported feeling much stronger than they actually were.

The reason again lies within the fact that Yoga allows you to have access to all the muscles in your body. This, in turn, makes it easier to carry out activities that are somewhat heavier in nature.

Apart from that, Yoga helps you to avoid any back problems that you might get due to your daily routine. And also help you get rid of them if you do develop. This can include a prolonged desk job or even playing racquetball that involves a lot of twisting of the torso.

All in all, Yoga is highly beneficial and not gender-biased. It equally benefits men and women. In fact, the advantages Yoga has to offer will be much more effective for men.

So if you are tired of a tired life and looking for a healthier and stable one, Yoga is always just a decision away!

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