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When Instagram star Mila Stauffer ran into 50 Cent at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills this week, the precocious tot asked him to watch her swim without floaties and he kindly obliged. The rapper gave the three-year-old girl his undivided attention during the milestone moment, and Mila’s mother, Katie, filmed him sweetly cheering the tot on as she swam to her older sister in the hotel pool. While sharing the heartwarming footage with her 4.1 million Instagram followers, the Arizona-based mom revealed that Mila had approached him and asked him to watch her swim.

At the start of the clip, 50 Cent is standing near the edge of the pool as Mila gets ready to slide into the water. ‘Hey, stop,’ he tells the other people in the pool. ‘The baby getting ready to swim, okay?’ 50 Cent leans over and has a big smile on his face as he watches little Mila doggy paddle her way to her 15-year-old sister, Kaitlin. The pool erupts in cheers and the rapper enthusiastically claps for little Mila. ‘He was so nice!’ Katie captioned one of the clips.

50 Cent also took the time to crouch down and take a photo with Mila, who posed with her hand resting on his. ‘The day Mila walked up to @50cent and asked him to watch her swim without floaties and he did. He was soo sweet,’ Katie wrote in the caption. The Get Rich or D-ie Tryin’ star posted the same snapshot on his Instagram page, writing: ‘Me and Mila chilling by the pool.’ Katie went on to comment on 50 Cent’s post, explaining that it was Mila’s first day learning how to swim without her floaties ‘He silenced the whole pool to watch and made the biggest deal of her accomplishment,’ she said.

Mila is best known for her sassy Instagram rants, which cover everything from gym-goers, vegetarianism and the ‘sham’ Cinderella castle at Disneyland. The scripted videos are filmed by Katie, her husband, Charley, and their eldest daughter Kaitlin, who feeds her little sister the lines. In addition to her older sister, Mila also has a twin sister, Emma, who is a bit more camera shy, and two brothers Charles, 11, and Finn, 9.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Stephanie - Thank goodness lmao I sware with all this stuff goin on I thought the story was about to read kid ask 50 cent if he had a permit to be in the pool

Zenola Cosby - Very smart man he is not touching that girl at all she's touching him.his hands are in the right place

Letitia - Ohhhh that's Mila!! She's soo sweet and funny. I love her videos.

Williams Johnson - She didn’t see color. Thank you 50 cent for being you and true pure hearted gentlemen.

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