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There have been times when even the most beautiful creation of God has gone through a lot of analysis , and we humans are not an exception. We come across a lot of problem in our lives in spite of our efforts to look our best or to perform in our best possible manner. There are a lot of people who are waiting for a desperate chance to show us down as the world enjoys to analysis the best of the lot and takes a kick out of showing down a guy who has done some thing very exceptional.

It is a very common human tendency to be jealous of other’s achievements and to get as low as possible to defame an object or a person. I have come across people who have analysis even the seven wonders of the world, leave alone the common people. It has become a favorite pastime of the people to simply sit and talk foul about others when ever they get time.Today we are going to talk about one such case. There was a girl in certain part of the country. She was not attractive or we can say that she was not cute and beautiful to watch.

Her features were not at all very nice and she could be categorized as an ugly girl. Her neighbors and other kids that lived around called her ugly and used to call her names. She was very upset with her looks and used to be sad often and used to play all alone as the other kids were not ready to make friends with her. Finally it so happened that some of the celebrities of the country came to know about the ugly girl and decided to step in and clear the situation.

They came to the side of the little girl and showed their love towards her and they showed the girl how much they loved her. They appreciated her features and her plus points that were hidden from the other people. They made her understand, how precious she was and how they all liked her. This motion of appreciation filled the girl with confidence and now she was ready to facve the world and also the other kids with a rejuvenated spirit and high hopes. She was now full of new energy and enthusiasm to face the world. Thanks to the different celebrities

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