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Let’s face it, Women are a complete mystery. There is no exact formula to fully pleasing a woman. Some people claim that pleasing a woman is a very tough job. However, it’s not that tough if you know these quality secrets. These are daily life things that make our life easier and helping a woman to relax which usually turns her on. Let’s start!

1. Always listen to what she says, even when she repeats herself.

2. Do her grocery shopping.

3. Whisper in her ear whenever you can.

4. Always open the car door for her.

5. Take her to the expensive restaurant that serves her favorite food.

6. Give her a good massage. She loves it.

7. Hold hands when you walking with her.

8. Try sticking up for her.

9. Have clean and nice teeth.

10. Maintain a impressive credit score.

11. Try to take charge whenever you can.

12. Have A nice and firm

13. Play hard.

14. Have a nice style.

15. Grow a nice pair of nails.

16. Maintain a level of secrecy.

17. Never go out with her without wearing a really nice cologne.

18. Give her compliments. She likes it more than anything.

19. Clean her car occasionally.

20. Do her laundry.

21. She likes controlling things too. Let her also take control every now and then.

22. Make good money and let her spoil it with you.

23. Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene.

24. Occasionally give her something from Tiffany’s.

25. Engage yourself in brawl once in a while.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Elise Stillman - Okay guys these hacks won't impress your girlfriend

Sonia Polidori - The only impressed I'm going to be is if she doesn't leave you after she's given one of these

Dia - Personalized jewelry can be a great idea. I bought my mom a name necklace . Amazing…She even cried when she saw the necklace.

Anastázie Blahoutová - If there is someone crazy enough to want my heart, don't bring me flowers, jewelery or any other expensive things. Just bring me food and feed me. That's all, nothing less, nothing more.

Bella g - I just wanna say you guys are really dedicated for posting multiple times a day! So thanks for keeping people entertained

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