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Walmart is the one store in America that targets all types of people, regardless of their social and economic status or their ethnicity. It has affordable prices, an extremely wide variety of products, and it stays open around the clock, meaning that many people go there just for the ride or simply to buy a toothbrush at 3 AM.

1. Lessons on how to not care about what anyone thinks

2. Shopping Cart Is Not Just For Products

3. Going to the grocery store can be quite adventurous.

4. When your kid stops listening:

5. A very rare hair accessory

6. And nobody called security?

7. Is there anything that Walmart doesn’t sell?

8. Nice Bro

9. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Googly Eyes

10. A Typical Walmart Family

11. They Don’t Seem To Understand The Concept Of 24/7

12. If you’re not gonna shave it, at least braid it.

13. So Close

14. It Was Supposed To Say “Congratulations, You Did It!”

15. Baby Retail

16. I respect the outfit, I just wish the wig wasn’t made of a mop.

17. When you gotta run but your pedicure is looking fresh

18. How do they get through the door?

19. Always working on those glutes.

20. Reasons A-Z why white people shouldn’t grow dreads.

21. Even a cowboy needs his avocados

22. He was just testing out the couches. They’re comfortable.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Shelley Weeks KoogleWhat’s up with taking your animals into Walmart? Only legitimate SERVICE ANIMALS are allowed. This doesn’t include any others, including comfort animals.

Mercedes HernandezThis people show up at Wal-Mart on purpose, to discredit the store. They sould request at least decent attire at the door

SimplyMaryA man they used to come to Walmart in Batavia, Ny. He dressed himself and his vehicle up for every holiday and I have a pic of him with my kids at Easter time. Our local paper interviewed him and he said he just loved seeing the kids faces light up when they saw him. He was very kind hearted and has since away. I miss seeing his vehicle in the parking lot when I do my shopping

Barbara DanleySome of these photos are onviously Halloween costumes. I’m not religious but even I can tell someone dressed on a white robe, with a stake necklace and a crown of thorns is JC. And the one gentleman’s Tudor England costume was FABULOUS.

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