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Who wore their pants better, Justin Bieber or a baby? Who looks better in black and white, Kim Kardashian or a whale? Can Kendall Jenner's style really compete with a shredded car seat? We really can't decide, so it looks like it's over to you to tell us just who exactly wore it better. Check out the funny collection of pictures below to see what we mean. Compiled the list is full of hilariously bizarre fashion comparisons that you won't be able to stop laughing about. Don't forget to vote for your favorite!

Heidi Klum Or A Car Wash Brush?

Justin Bieber Or This Baby?

Ivanka Trump Or This Burrito?

Lady Gaga Or This Patio Heater?

Kim Kardashian Or Danny Devito As A Penguin?

These Shopping Bags Or… Wait, What?

Kim Kardashian Or This Onion Bag?

Justin Timberlake Or These Ramen Noodles?

Justin Bieber Or A Panini?

Nicki Minaj Or He-Man?

This Model Or A Duster?

Rihanna Or An Ice Tea Can?

Beyonce Or This Strawberry Candy?

This Girl Or A Man In The Background?

Rihanna Or This Shower Sponge?

This Lady Or A Zebra?

Kim Kardashian Or This Whale?

Kendall Jenner Or This Ripped Seat?

Katty Perry Or Princess Carolyn From Bojack Horseman?

Kylie Jenner Or This Net Bag?

Cara Delevingne Or Pope Francis?

This is how people reacted to this post:

Alvin Jason Lim Kanyek - Scrolling down is much easier than turning to another 10 more pages.

Tate Sataner - Panda posers never have actual unbiased and go after a single obama. This page is another lefty site. Shit,like every page is being bought up by lefty donors

Eman Mooz Lola Tatis - Amira Helmy I thoroughly enjoyed this lol and is this really her body? I remember her in this dress but WOAH. fillers galore

Law Bentley - OMG, some of these are priceless. Bieber needs a diaper change!

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